Sentinel IT

The Value of Brainforce’s Sentinel IT Solutions
Information Technology (IT) has become a critical component of your business operations. Your business success depends on your IT infrastructure.

Our Sentinel IT Services provide you the proactive, managed support that not only keeps your network running effectively and efficiently but it helps you to reach your business goals. Flat rate prices allows you to budget your business effectively without any surprises, no matter what happens.

While you focus on your business, Brainforce provides you with a professional and certified IT department for less than it would cost you to manage your IT services in house.

Brainforce Allows You to Reach the Peak of Productivity

The traditional model of IT support, the break/fix model, only goes into motion when a user is already impacted. This delay has cost you time and money. Sentinel IT supportt proactively monitors your network to alert Brainforce Computer Solutions whenever an issue is developing. With rapid remote support we can resolve these problems before they affect your business. We eliminate the questions and uncertainty. Know that your computers are safe, secure, and productive.